You heard (and saw) it first on Majestic Journal: Sofi de la Torre’s newest work spares no emotional breaks.


At Majestic Journal, our “Fresh Sounds” feature aims to showcase not just the latest tracks from our favorite up-and-coming artists, but those doing things differently. In our latest feature, we’re premiering Sofi de la Torre’s latest single, “Voicebreaks.”

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As 2018 comes to an end, it’s only natural to wonder which new artist to be on the lookout for in the new year — and Sofi de la Torre might just be one to earn a spot on your favorite playlist.

The singer showcases her dynamic yet sultry vocals in “Voicebreaks,” which transpires as an entirely raw piece of work. Listen closely, and it will sound as if De la Torre is singing directly into the broken hearts of whoever is listening. She discards of her pride, and expresses a sense of vulnerability in the song that is relatable and emotional. While countless breakups tend to result in tragic heartbreak, De la Torre repeatedly apologizes in “Voicebreak” and states that “this is a peace offering,” which could represent the closure that most people search for at the end.

Loving is giving up your ego. This song is that.
— Sofi de la Torre

In the accompanying video, de la Torre appears fully-clothed in a bathtub — a place where most people go to cry and think about their exes. It’s also a place where people can feel the most defenseless and vulnerable: a fragile state of mind that complements the delicate tenor in “Voicebreaks.”

De la Torre’s sound can be characterized as a mix of urban pop; however, she is much different from the quintessential modern-day pop star. The singer does not limit herself, whether it be from where she resides or in which language she decides to speak. A powerful, multilingual woman who has called Spain, London, Berlin, and Los Angeles all her home at one point, de la Torre and her music are so heavily rooted from the places that she’s been to, that many would describe her as one of the few truly global artists.

Sofi de la Torre’s “Voicebreaks” is out now. Listen and watch below.


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Written by Paulina Praphanchith

Edited by Jaclyn Siu