The thrill of discovering songs gone astray from preceding decades


It can become difficult to check in on our most cherished tracks from the past now that we live in a world where music is being released each day. Through “Music: Lost and Found,” a column curated by the Majestic Journal editors, you will have the opportunity to both reminisce about old music and discover songs gone astray from preceding decades.

“I knew that band before they blew up.” We use this phrase and then we are automatically considered cool, right? Discovering new music can feel like an adrenaline rush. Finding a new artist who is worth listening to or a new song to continually jam out to can exude a certain sense of gratification. But what if you were the ultimate artist worth exploring?

BNNY RBBT (pronounced like bunny rabbit) might be the biggest enigma of them all—he’s a seven foot tall man garbed in only a bunny suit and is equally as mythical as a unicorn and just as mysterious as the afterlife.



BNNY RBBT - Big World


A superfan named Boudreaux was the one to first uncover BNNY RBBT through a lost camcorder bag from the 90’s where a forgotten VHS tape was left behind, which contained all of BNNY RBBT’s music and videos. As if this discovery wasn’t already bizarre, the existence of BNNY RBBT still remains one big question mark. No one knows too much about him or if he’s even real, fake, alive, or dead.

Instead of being a band that blew up, BNNY RBBT resembles the opposite with his obscurity. Despite this, he 'blows up' in a different way with one of his tracks, 'Bombs.'


No one knows too much about him
or if he’s even real, fake, alive, or dead.




From the eerie and inaudible voices at the beginning of the song to the higher pitched singing and twinkling sounds that follow it, the song captures BNNY RBBT in his entirety and exhibits feelings of both happiness and darkness. The song comes full circle with its adjunct music video, which features four minutes of zoomed in sightings of BNNY RBBT appearing from all around the city in his physical form.

BNNY RBBT’s music videos actually play a huge part in his image as a whole. His videos were allegedly discovered in the 90’s, which makes sense considering their old-school aesthetics. With a blend of home video footage in 'Anchor' and then a more artistic visual in 'Big World,' he always keeps us on our toes and no one ever knows what they will attain from watching a BNNY RBBT video.



BNNY RBBT - Anchor


In continuation to the anonymity of BNNY RBBT, his specific genre of music seems to be unknown as well. He delves into various sounds and does not classify himself under a particular category, which allows listeners from all types of backgrounds to enjoy his music. 'Will U Want Me' drifts into an alternative sound that can be similar to a Trent Reznor song, while “Bombs” incorporates a bit of trap, and 'I Hate Love' sticks to a cheerful pop rock beat despite its angsty title. Although BNNY RBBT might seem like a huge oxymoron by looming as this spooky creature while simultaneously creating upbeat tracks, it’s what makes him that much more interesting.

The big controversy behind BNNY RBBT can be found in never-ending threads on Reddit and deep inside of the Internet with the constant questions of is he real, is this all fictional, or just propaganda? BNNY RBBT is like the Easter Bunny—some people believe in it while others do not. They are both whimsical rabbits, but which one is more real?


Written by Paulina Praphanchith

Edited by Amelie Varzi