In an era of hyperconnectivity, Che Lingo makes a strong case for being offline.


At Majestic Journal, our “Fresh Sounds” feature aims to showcase not just the latest tracks from our favorite up-and-coming artists, but those doing things differently. In our latest feature, we take a look (and listen) at Che Lingo’s latest single, “Circles.”

Wake up. Grab phone. Check social media. Repeat.

Che Lingo, a hip hop artist from South London, gets weary of this continuous, present-day routine and asserts the message in his new single “Circles.” The feeling of confusion and desire in a new relationship is all too familiar, and Che Lingo suggests that people should discuss the underlying issues directly instead of hiding from them behind a phone screen.

“People always go to social media to try to work out what someone is thinking/feeling. The amount of times I caught myself doing that in past relationships/situationships rather than just talking is mad,” says Che Lingo in a statement.


He emphasizes his desire to connect with lyrics like “but lately you’ve been silent and I’ve been scrolling / down your timeline never knowing” and reminds us that “emojis don’t replace emotion.”


The music video for “Circles” is a blend of old-school film and modern footage of Che Lingo singing in various settings. He’s shown lurking on Instagram from his iPhone, but is also sending a message from a typewriter. The commingling of the past and present creates a complicated dystopia, and reflects Che Lingo’s motive to put down the gadgets while he is still being tempted to keep scrolling.


“Circles” begins slow, with catchy sounds and faint vocals quietly surfacing each second. After a pensive first portion of the song, Che Lingo startles his listeners with a loud gunshot noise before continuing to sing, which then transitions into faster rapping and a compound of beats. A (perhaps intentional) shock, and a somewhat violent awakening, but it wakes you up and reminds you to pay attention — it’s the warning shot before it all goes down.

Che Lingo’s “Circles” is out now. Watch and listen below.


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Written by Paulina Praphanchith

Edited by Jaclyn Siu