Abby Diamond cuts through the autumn chill with some serious fire, in the form of electro-R&B.


At Majestic Journal, our “Fresh Sounds” feature aims to showcase not just the latest tracks from our favorite up-and-coming artists, but the messages behind the music. In our latest feature, we focus on Brooklyn-based artist Abby Diamond and her new single “Irrelevant.”

Looking for a new track to make out to? Abby Diamond’s new single “Irrelevant” fits the bill.

A follow-up to her chilled-out EPs “Down, Down Deep” (2015) and “Sorceress” (2017), “Irrelevant” follows muses Gio and Sunday Johnson as they get physical with the thrills and spills of young and lucid love, exploring the intimacies and insecurities of a new queer relationship.


Abby Diamond - Irrelevant (Official Video)


Opening to the sounds of a jungle at night, the video paints an iridescent dreamscape with neon pink and blue hues the brain child of French director Emilie Aubry. Atop Diamond’s immersive electro-R&B sound, the steamy visuals take an interesting twist: Vacant stares, soggy cereal, and a cold bubble bath punctuate her daydream before she wakes up and comes back to reality.

Exploring the nuances of love is what Diamond does best, with the (literal) track record to prove it: Her electro-minimalistic track, “Alex Blue” (2017), and ethereal jam, “There’s a Light in My Room” (2015), traverse self-doubt and diffidence in commitment and kinship.


Stills - Irrelevant

Thinking about the ways that you’ve been getting it on and hoping there’s no lies
- no lie tonight - When you’re laying there showing me everything
— Irrelevant - Abby Diamond

Produced by Californian super-duo Slenderbodies, best known for their breakthrough debut album “Sotto Voce” (2016), “Irrelevant”’s smooth vocals glisten and entice over slick beats and racy visuals, and is a solid addition to Diamond’s repertoire. Shine on, you crazy Diamond.

Abby Diamond’s new single “Irrelevant” is out now on Majestic Casual Records.


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Written by Alex Farrow-Hamblen

Edited by Jaclyn Siu