When times get tough, the tough get going, with some help from Two Feet.


At Majestic Journal, our “Fresh Sounds” feature aims to showcase not just the latest tracks from our favorite up-and-coming artists, but the messages behind the music. In our latest feature, we’re premiering NYC-based artist Two Feet’s EP “A 20 Something F*ck.”

Trigger warning: This feature contains some allusions to mental health and self-harm.

Life as a twenty-something is anything but easy these days. It’s a time devoted to the peak of self-exploration, growth, heartbreak, and confusion. Unforeseen hardships start to appear, and slight setbacks can quickly snowball into calamity. Two Feet’s most recent EP, “A 20 Something F*ck,” underlines these notions and is relatable to almost every twenty-something’s personal narrative.

Bill Dess, the man behind Two Feet, is a New York-based one-man band that tackles it all from vocals to guitar to production. His talent is undisguised in “A 20 Something F*CK,” which is believed to be the album that put him back on his proverbial, and literal, two feet: The EP is an ode to bleaker times that Two Feet grappled with recently, but also contains a handful of easy going tracks to listen to.

An outset of idle piano chords in the intro song of “A 20 Something F*ck,” followed by the sound of a voicemail from a past lover, feels as raw and emotional as the pain of a fresh breakup. Dive deeper into the album, and tune in to some of the EP’s other notable tracks, here on Majestic Journal.


Hurt People (feat. Madison Love) //

Two Feet said himself that “Hurt People” was the track that he needed to create. His own recent battle with mental health can be heard throughout the lyrics: “Killing myself, lately that’s been my mission / Know I’ll explode like it’s nuclear fission / Stuck on these visions, stuck on these visions.” The moving words, paired with the contrasting vocals between Two Feet and Madison Love, result in a deeply powerful track that will certainly touch the hearts of many.

Felt Like Playing Guitar and Not Singing //

Words can be a great medium for expression, but sometimes the music alone conveys a better message — which is exactly what happens in this song. Despite the grim moments that Two Feet has endured, this song is a fun one and feels like you are a fly on the wall at Two Feet’s studio or garage during an intense jam session. It’s simple, yet has power to make listeners forget about the world and its problems for a nanosecond.

Two Feet’s EP “A 20 Something F*ck” is out now on Republic Records. You can listen now below.


In conjunction with the EP, the singer will be headlining shows in his hometown of New York City at Brooklyn Steel and at The Fonda in Los Angeles before joining Panic! At the Disco for their North American tour next year.


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Written by Paulina Praphanchith

Edited by Jaclyn Siu